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Athletic products are well known by the customers on four continents, in thirty six countries, where constant and dynamic export forces on us satisfying client needs in profesional articles for a reasonable price. 

We are a leading manufacturer of professional stage systems. We offer stands for musical instruments, stage platforms, stage roofs, open stages, exhibition constructions, screen constructions, modular stages and numerous other products. Click here to see our catalogue. 

With over 30 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience we have been creating state-of-the-art lighting solutions to support lighting designers, architects and lighting consultants in their challenges.

Audio products have to work properly day after day, year after year, and they are required to do their work reliably.
Whether your in the touring, rental or install market; sound quality, functionality, design and the economical aspects of business must work together.

EarPeace will improve your live music or nightlife experience. You'll hear clearly, feel better, and play longer. These are the perfect ear plugs for concerts and nightclubs.

Our mission is to develop technical knowledge and innovation in order to guarantee creative solutions in the field of AVL high-tech solutions through a dynamic and young organization able to take on market evolution on a global level..

Xilica Audio designs, develops and manufactures high performance configurable DSP systems audio systems for pro audio and installation audio markets.

Through observing the current staging and grandstand systems over recent decades and analysing them for innovative techniques, we have come to the conclusion that within the current market nothing has changed.


Chain hoists, trolleys, belt hoists, winches, turntables, drives, controls, cable systems and special solutions stand for maximum safety and functionality "Made in Germany".